Darragh Casey

Web Articles

The Press Office Chat - “Vogue Street lights on Bond Street”

US TV Show “Right This Minute” interview.

Interior Design Magazine Nov 2012 “Ones to Watch: Darragh Casey”

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The Guardian “Why study at University of the Arts London?”

Petapixel.com “Portraits of People Shelved with Their Possessions”

Daily Mail July 2012 “Shelf portraits: Designer hangs his family members on a wall next to objects which trace their lives”



Print Articles

Shelving the Body
Soapbox Press
June 2014

Popular Photography
April 2013

Icon Magazine
Nov 2012

Domus Magazine
Oct 2011

Vogue Magazine
June 2011
Memorable. Design in
the Context of
Cultural Change
Camper Publication

El Mundo
July 2011

Diario de Mallorca
July 2011

Diari de Balears
July 2011

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